Test drive Seat Yourself’s GateKeeper for scanning QR codes

What you will need to test QR code scanning:

What you have to do to prepare:

Use the rsvns report to print out 6 receipts. Here’s how to do that:

(Optional:) Set up a platform so that the device can be stationary, and the receipts are passed by it. I used a $12 music stand with the top set parallel to the floor and the grate from my toaster oven. Photography bugs can use a tripod attachment for their phones. I find hand scanning, where I hold the phone and point it at the QR code, slower.

To start:

Further testing:

The Gate User Password

The GateKeeper feature has its own password, so that you can let ushers use their own phones and tablets to scan patrons at the door without giving these ushers full access to all the Seat Yourself manager pages. Click on the Gate user password link in the Administration panel of the dashboard to set the password.

Ticket Printing Policy

You can configure your account in any one of 3 ticket-printing settings:

  1. 1 page printed per ticket in order(the current default)
  2. 1 page printed per event in order
  3. Receipt serves as ticket (1 page printed)

You set the policy in force via the Ticket printing line in the Management panel of the dashboard.

We think the default setting of one sheet per order is adequate when scanning QR codes, GateKeeper can admit the entire party with a single scan, and will keep track of which performance the party was admitted to. That means the same sheet can be used again the next night. If the parties to a reservation arrive in separate groups, the system will keep track of how many have been admitted, even though each group arrives with the identical QR code. Moreover, GateKeeper will scan QR codes in emails on smartphones, so that there is no longer a pressing need to print the receipt at all.