Seat Yourself has released a set of new tools aimed at helping our customers cope with some of the challenges of different reopening strategies. So far, we have seen live productions set up with capacity limits, or with minimum buffers between parties, or a combination of both. Some of our customers are selling tickets to virtual events, in a variety of different ways.

The tools described in this set of documents include new system features, and also access to a new demo account we've set up to let you see some of those features in action. The features and other tools have been evolving as we learn more from our customers about their situations. In particular, the Virtual Event Ticket Sales section will likely have regular updates.

Our new tools fall into four categories. The first two are specifically aimed at the current situation; the last two should still remain useful when we have put this awful period behind us.

  1. Tools for use with live performances, including social distancing buffers and capacity estimates
  2. Tools for use in streaming virtual performances
  3. Tools to allow easier communication with shoppers and ticketholders
  4. Other new features

As always, please don't hesitate to email us with any questions, requests, or suggestions.