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New Seat Yourself features for Fall 2014

Seat Yourself has just released three new features to help you manage at-the-door sales, and a 4th one aimed at improving the process of setting up new productions in accounts with more than one seat chart or venue.

1. Swipe credit cards at the door with a USB swiper

We've been testing the new feature with a MagTek PN 21040110 swiper, plugged into the USB port on a computer. This one specifically supports keyboard emulation. Swipers seem to sell in the $50 range.

When you swipe, the name, credit card account number, and expiration date are filled in, and the first two lines of the address fields are filled in with dashes.

We still require that you enter zip and CVV codes for security, and we have to have the email address and phone number in case there is a need to contact the patron.

But it saves you typing the name, credit card number, and expiration date.

Please let us know if you do test it, and then if you have any feedback.

2. New Seat Chart display (on-screen and printed)

On the dashboard, click the link in the Venue column of an event to see a new presentation of the chart. Initials for reservation holders are included, and section boundaries are now visible. Hold the mouse cursor over the patron initials to get details about the order, or click to get the full order. Click the Print link at the top of the page to print the chart.

3. Link on reserved seating receipts to seat locations in seat chart display

On the processed receipt for a reserved seating order, the list of seats is now a link, not just text. Purchasers can click on that link to see the seats displayed in their actual location on the chart.

The processed receipt is not the first one that shows on screen after checkout, nor the copy that comes via email. It's the one that the Click here to view and print your order link at the bottom of those receipts points at.

4. List of venues and seat charts used in the last year

An additional enhancement to our handling of seat charts and venues is aimed at improving the process of setting up new productions in account with more than one seat chart or venue.

Click the Venues / seat charts link in the second section of the dashboard to see a list of venues and seat charts used in the account over the previous 12 months. The Available column indicates which charts will appear in the seating dropdown list on the Schedule tab when you set up a new production. Email support@seatyourself.biz for help with charts that don't appear in that list.